Rocky Mountain Communication Institute


Applying insightful research

The Rocky Mountain Communication Institute, a non-profit think tank based in Boulder, Colorado, has emerged as a thought leader in applying insightful research that helps leaders, educators, and communities make better decisions.

  • Flagship project

    Our flagship project, Medium, Message, and Meaning, is a decade long, cross-platform research endeavor incorporating interpretive research on news and information. The Medium, Message, and Meaning project uncovers and responds to the challenges and advantages posed by 24×7 information, and creates a call to action in our communities and workplaces to maximize how the brain interprets and reacts to news and information.

  • 24x7 Information Culture

    What is the potential impact of constant information on our brain’s decision-making function? In paying attention to tweets, bright blinking computer lights, and pop-ups on our smartphones, are we simply reacting while missing the opportunity to learn from events around us and make decisions from the data?

  • Information and Teamwork

    In partnership with the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University, we study information, reading, and team development at a very young age: elementary school students.

  • Meaning making, Communication, and Leadership

    How does a leader's message make meaning within organizations? A message from a leader, either written or spoken, can have significantly different interpretation and impact based on the choice of words alone.


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